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The Nelson’s Project

The Accountants

A New Accountants office 

20131 Grove Street

Construction Skills Training School

This was a total  re-organisation to enable more training areas but still have room for the adiminstration office.

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The Jefferson’s Lake House

The Drum Studio

The specification here was obviously  very high acoustically,  so we recommended an acoustic engineer to spec the room and also to liase with the local authority with regards to approval.

The Jefferson’s Lake House

The Aviation MRO Company

The plan here was to install a new mezzanine floor over existing work spaces, the customer took care of removing the existing services via their own maintenance team.

we then supplied and installed  the new mezzanine over the area. we then  fire rated the underside at the same level of the previous ceilings. There was a test oven which proved a bit tricky, but as you can see anything is achiveable . we then supplied and installed insulated panels around the perimeter of the new mezz level. 

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