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Suspended Ceilings

Call and speak to Derek

He'll answer any questions you may have. You're here now why not just call and ask some questions

The majority of our work is the supply & installation of suspended ceilings,

And as such we find it easy

Why not just call Derek on 08009755913 to discuss your needs 

Or simply fill in the contact form and we'll get back to you.

Suspended Ceiling materials like most things have risen considerably in the last few years, so we have to constantly raise our prices to match, but for a decent sized ceiling we can still supply and install From £26.00 per square metre.

Why buy a suspended ceiling kit? yes they are readily available on the internet, but we can often supply & install for a similar price. it'll be less hasle in the long run.

We can supply pretty much any type of suspended ceiling, the most common being  white 24mm exposed grid with a plain white 600mm x600mm tile.

we can do repairs, take down and re-new or completely new.

In offices, warehouses, & Fire Rated ceilings under Mezzanine Floors

we are can supply and install suspended ceilings in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire,Buckinghamshire,Cambridgeshire,Essex & Northamptonshire


Suspended ceilings make up the majority of our work, so we are particularly experienced in this field, 

We can supply and fit Suspended ceilings of any type at competitive prices. ( often cheaper than the supply only kits that are available elsewhere on the Internet).

it doesn't matter how small or big we can  quote you a competitive price.  we normally work on projects between £1000 - £50,000

We primarily use Donn/USG, Armstrong/Zentia, AMF and Rockfon Systems, but can also supply any others.

Our average price for a standard 600mm x600mm plain white ceiling is £28.00 Per Square Metre.  Bigger areas may be Cheaper psm , Smaller may be dearer

We can also supply & Install fire rated Suspended ceilings

we can very easily give you a budget price  for any project you may be considering.

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